A Mac / iOS keyboard POWERED BY THE SUN

Okay, so maybe solar powered gadgets have been around for some time now, that’s nothing new.  If there has ever been a solar powered keyboard in the past, I certainly missed that memo.  Logitech has created just that with their K760 model. 

I remember my wireless keyboard / mouse stage.  It was novel and all, but switching out batteries was a pain.  When you have a billion USB ports and don’t do a whole lot gaming from your bed, wires just became more practical again.  Never did I consider using the SUN as energy to power my hardware.

The K760 works on both Macs and any iOS device.  You can actually switch between a Mac, iPhone, and iPad with just the flick of a key.  If you like to pretend you iPhone or iPad is a word processor, what could be better?  This bad boy works off Bluetooth technology to activate.  Did I mention it was solar powered?


Check it out; I’m sure there are people out there who have been waiting for something exactly like this. If anything, it looks amazing with quite the impressive design.  Is there something pretentious about someone using an iPad in a coffee shop with a wireless solar powered keyboard?  Are you kidding – absolutely!  You people live for that shit though.  Yea I said ‘you people.’ For $80 it could be yours.