A look at some League of Legends Preseason 4 changes

As the first of many weeks to come, Riot Games’ head character designer Morello has decided to explain up and coming philosophies in League of Legends’ preseason 4. These discussions have been had on the League of Legends forums and Reddit; now Morello is taking the data to you. Just because season 3 is coming to a rapid close, Riot isn’t washing their hands free of the game and saying it’s perfect as is. The game is constantly changing and needs to be updated for the upcoming season. Riot Live Design team listens to players and wants to make a game they’ll enjoy playing.

With all that said, let’s look at the goals and changes:


  • More gameplay and strategy to vision and wards
  • All roles and positions experience more growth and progress to promote skill
  • Improve game pacing and reduce team snowballing


  • Wards and trinket system
  • More ward options
  • New jungle, new routes, new 4th camp
  • Better jungle rewards and gold flow
  • More support gold
  • Help support champs scale better
  • Reduce team snowballing
  • Changes to first blood, tower, and objection rewards
  • Changes to runes and masteries

There will be lots of changes in the next few months and the more feedback you give Riot, the better. So… stick on that. While you’re at it, keep testing new changes on the test realm and give feedback. As a community, season 4 can be made that much better.