A first look at MLB 13 The Show ‘Diamond Dynasty’ mode

Sony has released a new video giving baseball fans a first look at the new and improved Diamond Dynasty mode in MLB 13 The Show. In the video, game designer Nick Livingston walks us through the few key changes made to the mode including an overall balance of the mode and addressing players quitting.

Diamond Dynasty You create your team from scratch — from location to colors and logos — and then fill the roster with MLB cards and Dynasty cards. MLB cards are your standard players while Dynasty cards are completely customizable. With the Dynasty cards you can change their appearance and improve upon their stats if you choose to spend the time developing and training them.

So now let's look at some of the big changes in MLB 13 The Show''s addictive Diamond Dynasty mode.

The most impactful changes is the maximum values added to Dynasty Cards, meaning not every card will be able to achieve a 99 overall. A lot of the "better cards" will still be able to reach that threshold, but for some of the mediocre ones, you'll have to train them. The goal was to create a more realistic player. Also new is the ability to distinguish between Starting Pitchers, Relievers, and Closers.

Sony has also addressed player quitting by switching to a per-inning basis. All systems are now compatible with partial games. Some new rules have been implemented to encourage players to finish games without dropping out. For instance, a Mercy Rule (10 runs after three innings) is now in effect.

Sony has also introduced the Designated Hitter in MLB 13. Users can choose whether they want to play by American or National League rules. The Logo Editor also received an overhaul with a ton of new tools and samples to really customize your team logo. Lastly, the entire Diamond Dynasty Home page has been simplified and streamlined.

Also new to this year is the addition of a Beginner Mode and a Playoff Mode which you can learn more about on GameZone.