A familiar character is returning in Star Wars Battlefront

Voice actor confirms role in Star Wars Battlefront

Anthony Daniels, perhaps best known as the voice of C-3PO, has confirmed that he is recording dialogue for Star Wars Battlefront.

The confirmation comes via a tweet which EA then added, "We've got C3PO".

It's been known that major heroes and villains from the Star Wars univers will appear as playable characters in Star Wars Battlefront, but it's unknown what sort of role C-3PO will have. As a protocol droid fluent in "over six million forms of communication," I doubt he'll serve as a playable character in the field of battle.

It's possible, however, that he could have a role in the game's Missions, "carefully crafted moments inspired by the films that let you live out your battle fantasies." Since Star Wars Battlefront won't have a traditional single player story, Missions will serve as a way to allow for single-player and cooperative gameplay experiences. And it'll be pretty freaking sweet to play out some of the most iconic moments from the films.

It's also possible that C-3PO could serve as a sort of communications leaders during battle in multiplayer, perhaps relaying orders or sharing other information.

With E3 rapidly approaching, I'm sure we'll learn more about Star Wars Battlefront during EA's press conference on Monday, June 15.