A closer look at Battlecast Vel’Koz

As most League of Legends players are probably aware by now, the newest champion, Vel'Koz, is now available for purchase. The Eye of the Void made his way to the Fields of Justice as part of today's 4.3 patch and while we've already touched upon his abilities, we're finally getting a closer look at his alternate Battlecast skin (courtesy of developer Riot Games).

Vel'Koz is currently available for purchase through the in-game store for 975RP or 7800IP (down to 6300IP next week). The Battlecast Vel'Koz skin is also priced at 975RP, but can be purchased as a bundle for 1462 (includes Vel'Koz, the original skin, and the Battlecast skin). After March 3, the Battlecast skin will rise to its normal price of 1350RP.