A Call of Duty game will be coming to the Vita this Fall

During a Geoff Keighley Game Trailers interview with Sony’s SVP marketing member Guy Longworth, he leaked the information that there will be a Call of Duty game coming out this Fall for the Play Station Vita.  Will this be a port or a new game?  This is an unknown.  At the point, all we know is that it is in fact coming. 

The exact quote from Longworth was, “looking forward to Call of Duty on Vita coming Autumn.”  Keighley instantly followed up with, “so Call of Duty will be coming out in the Fall for Vita?”  Guy once again confirmed this.  So if you are a Vita owner, getting the handheld this week, or purchasing it down the line – know that Activision’s bestselling game series is coming to your market.    

This could be a huge boon to all those CoD players around the world.  Those with an obsession for the FPS will have the opportunity to play the game whenever and wherever they desire.  How will it run on the Vita?  Will it be the same as on the console of your choice?  It’s way too early to know but it’s something to think about.