Alliance of Valiant Arms Gets New Mode, Weapons, and Map

ijji’s Alliance of Valiant Arms MOFPS expanded recently with the addition of a new Cross-Steal mode and game map, titled “Blind Eagle.”

Cross-Steal is a CTF-style mode that has EU and NRF soldiers facing off from opposing bases in an attempt to capture the other team’s nuclear launch key.

Four new weapons have also joined the fray:

•AK47 Hawkeye – A custom variation of the AK-47 available for the Rifle Man character class. It features a faster rate of fire and reduced recoil.

•MP7A1 – A powerful new submachine gun available for the Point Man character class. It fires it’s rounds at an ultra-high velocity, providing enough penetrating power to pierce Kevlar.

•FN 57 – A powered-up pistol available to all character classes as a secondary weapon. Its high penetrating power, low recoil and high capacity magazine make it deadly and accurate.

•XP06 Protector – It lessens the stress on joints during intense physical movement and provides players with more stable movements. This item also provides players with a boost to Euros (in-game currency) earned during battle.

In addition to the new content, has opened its first European A.V.A servers.