80 Days, A Splendid Adventure, First Demo Released

80 Days, A Splendid Adventure, First Demo

October 14, 2005 — Frogwares is happy to
announce the demo release of 80 days (571 MB), their new adventure game. This
size is not only due to the high level of details and to the giant places that
80 Days offers to play, but also because it contains many elephants.

In this demo, you will have the opportunity to
resolve several puzzles in the city of Bombay and to discover the fantastic work
made by Frogwares to enhance classical gameplay of adventure genre. Oliver, the
hero, can walk, run, jump, hide, and climb as well as he can ride vehicles and
animals. A kind of revolution for adventure games!

Download the demo now !


If you are prepared for a fantastic journey
around the world, visit 80 Days’ website!