7-11 develops a mashed potato dispenser because you’re not obese enough

This can only truly be categorized in the ‘dafuq’ category of life.  I… just don’t know.  Is this a humanity thing?  An American thing?  A temptation thing?  The convenient store 7-11, has developed a mashed potato dispenser machine.  Picture a Slurpee dispenser, but instead of that sweet liquid crack which normally comes out, mashed potatoes come out.  MASHED POTATOES!

Oh!  If you’re sitting there thinking to yourself, “mashed potatoes alone, that’s boring,” don’t you worry your obese little head; for no charge, you can press ‘Button #3’ and have chicken gravy added.  IT IS THAT EASY!    

I’m not done yet.  According to this picture, you can get the mashed potatoes AND a big gulp as part of a $2 combo.  Why is that so damn affordable?  Why 7-11?      

Why… why is this a thing, life?  I’m now forced to visualize me drinking 64 ounces of soda while eating mashed potatoes and gravy.  I’m afraid.  As much as I want to be disgusted by this… I just can’t help feeling intrigued.  This is how it ends.  Why is there a 7-11 less than a block away?

AFK, #ForeverAlone #HeartDisease                 

[Gizmodo via ThatsNerDalicious]

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