5th Cell’s Run Roo Run is the free iOS game of the week

If you're an iOS gamer and for some reason haven't played 5th Cell's Run Roo Run, now's your chance. Maybe you couldn't spare a buck before, or maybe the game just flew under your radar. Whatever the case may be, check it out now as it's the free app of the week on the good ol' App Store.

Run Roo Run features over 800 levels of 2D platforming action. The game's hook is runner-style gameplay, which has the main character running automatically through levels. Using your iOS device, you'll have to avoid dangers across each stage and get to the end. I'm getting a real Ivy the Kiwi? vibe here (which is a good thing).

Because this is a 5th Cell title, the art and music are absolutely charming. Run Roo Run is also presented in snazzy HD for good measure. Additionally, the game is now a universal app, which is always nice.

Check it out! And use that dollar you're saving up to buy a bag of chips.

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