505 Games Announces Princess on Ice for Europe

February 27, 2008

505 Games Announces Princess on Ice for Europe

505 Games today announced a co development deal
with Arc System Works to publish the new ice dancing simulation game Princess on
Ice on Nintendo DS across Europe.

Princess on Ice sees you jump, spin and pirouette
your way to fame as you follow the fortunes of Kelly, Gabrielle, Alyssa and
Madison – four young ice dancers. Plucked from obscurity by a mysterious dance
trainer our heroines are trained and in turn audition for the Princess on Ice
Tournament, the most prestigious ice dancing event of the year. Follow the girls
through their journey as they dance their way through the world’s premier ice
skating stadiums perfecting all the moves and striving to impress the judges. Do
our four dancers have what it takes to be crowned ‘Princess on Ice’?

The game play is based around rhythm and action
using the stylus to follow dance prompts on the lower screen. Tap circles before
the time runs out to skate, follow arrows as quickly as you can to spin, touch
matching shapes as they meet to jump and tap shapes before they disappear to
step. Your skater will react on the upper screen to how well you are doing in
the game. Drop too far down the ‘heat’ meter and she will stumble losing
valuable points with the judges.

In addition to all the ice dancing fun you can
totally customize your character with fashionable accessories, clothing and
headwear. There are hundreds of different combinations across the four
characters giving a unique look for each. As you progress through the game you
will also be rewarded with a whole host of un-lockable extras including new
levels, accessories, special moves and storylines adding yet more life and fun
into the game.

Princess on Ice will be published by 505 Games
for Nintendo DS in April 2008.