500,000 PlayStation Vita units sold since launch

A lot has been said about the PlayStation Vita's sales since its Japan-only release on December 17, 2011.  Giant expectations for PS Vita has led to some disappointment when the Vita didn't sell quite as well as originally predicted. But has the Vita really sold as bad as people are making it out to be?

Sony President Kaz Hirai revealed up-to-date sales figures for the PlayStation Vita at Sony's CES 2012 Press Conference.  The numbers aren't mind-blowingly impressive, but they aren't as bad as originally reported.  As of January 5th, Sony has sold 500,000 PlayStation Vita units in Japan alone.  The Vita has sold, on average, 25,000 units per day since its release 20 days ago.

It's fair to say the Vita's sales haven't quite lived up to expectations, but people must remember it hasn't even launched worldwide yet.  The Vita doesn't launch in the US or UK until February 22nd; with the recent announcement that the Vita will support Netflix, you can expect a boost in sales – at least that's what Sony is hoping for.

Sony recently admitted that a lot rests on the success of the PlayStation Vita, so it's no surprise that they are doing all they can to ensure the success of the handheld.  Yesterday it was revealed that Sony was planning its "biggest campaign ever" for the PlayStation Vita.  It's a campaign that not only includes TV, press, and retail presence, but an actual PlayStation Vita tour.

Hirai also announced that Sony had sold over 6.5 million PlayStation devices during the holiday season.  This is a combination of the PS3, PS2, PSP, and the PlayStation Vita.