5 years on Dying Light gets huge update adding game-changing difficulty

Free Weekend has started!

Half a decade has passed already since Techland knocked it out the park with Dying Light and the developer is still adding and improving their biggest hit so far with great new updates. One such has just been pushed out and adds a Story Mode difficulty setting which should be a blessing for gamers who found the original game too difficult.

Developer Techland is currently celebrating the 5th anniversary of Dying Light and as part of it, the game can be played for absolutely throughout the weekend on Steam. If you never played it before, you should totally download and enjoy the dense open-world of Harran right now.

But there’s more than “just” a free weekend. With the addition of the new Story Mode difficulty option, the developers are offering a much less punishing experience for gamers who just want to have fun without having to worry too much about mistakes or dangerous encounters. Here are the patch notes detailing the new mode:

  • Decreased damage dealt by zombies by 25%
  • Increased damage dealt by player by 50-100%
  • Decreased fall damage by 50%
  • Normal attacks use 25% less stamina
  • Charged attacks use 50% less stamina
  • Medkits are twice as effective
  • Player loses 50% less experience points upon death
  • Days are longer by 25%
  • Nights are shorter by 25%
  • Traders pay 20% more for player’s items
  • Player earns 50% less Legend experience
  • Airdrops remain on the map twice as long

As mentioned before, this is optional, so in case you want the thrill of a merciless adventure, it’s still available. But for those who simply don’t want to play carefully or are too scared of the vicious zombies, it’s a great opportunity to jump in. Hey, even for veterans of Dying Light, playing on this new difficulty setting could be a great reason to relive an epic journey in a more laid back fashion. And with the sequel being delayed to an undetermined date, it’s not like there’s a reason not to play more Dying Light.