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Fragment Guide | Ugallu Fragment (#49)

Yaschas Massif (110AF) – Ugallu Boss Guide
After clearing out the various puzzles in Yaschas Massif 110AF, you'll find a red orb beside Chocolina in the ruins, containing the spirit of Yuel. She's rather upset about the time paradox she's given birth to, a horrible monster known as Ugallu. Time to go take this behemoth out!
Down in the searchlight zone you'll find an exclamation point beside the largest pit in the area. Before starting the fight, set up some paradigms which include a Saboteur, as Ugallu has lots of buffs that need answering. Move towards it to summon Ugallu and begin the fight.
As long as a Saboteur is out, Ugallu's many buffs can be handled. While the Saboteur uses spells like Dispel to keep the buffs away, a pair of Ravagers should work on staggering the beast. One staggered, switch over to a Commando based paradigm to load up the damage. Ugallu can do a lot of damage, but not in very frequent doses, so don't be afraid to take the time you need to get your team back up to full health before returning to the fray.
Finish off this big bastard and you'll get yourself Fragment of Time #49 – Ugallu Fragment.