3DS Analog Nub Add-On Confirmed, Not That Cool

It has been confirmed that Nintendo will be releasing an add-on analog nub for the 3DS in the future. Rumors first circulated about the peripheral last month, when it was also reported that the Big N was planning a 3DS overhaul. As expected, this official reveal has gamers up in arms.

This news first surfaced in the pages of Famitsu, where it was announced that a 3DS version of Monster Hunter was in the works. Titled Monster Hunter (Tri) 3G, the game seems to be a portable version of the original Monster Hunter Tri for the Wii. Gamers can expect the game to feature 12 weapon types, underwater battles, and local multiplayer. It is still unknown if Monster Hunter (Tri) 3G will also offer an online multiplayer component.

As much as I loved Monster Hunter Tri, news of the first 3DS iteration of Capcom’s awesome action RPG series definitely takes a backseat to the analog nub reveal. Apparently, the attachment will be placed on the back of the 3DS, and the second analog circle will be positioned to the right of the handheld’s face buttons.

I was thinking of capitalizing on the $80 3DS price cut and finally snagging Nintendo’s latest dual screen handheld soon, but after seeing this car wreck of a peripheral, I think I’ll wait for the revamped 3DS to launch. After all, that one’s likely to include the second analog nub right from the get-go.

Oh, Nintendo … I wrote a very nice editorial about why the 3DS wouldn’t fail, practically professing my faith in both you and the handheld. Don’t let me down. This analog business is the kind of thing that pisses gamers off.