3DS users’ online connectivity is higher than ever

More users than ever before are connecting their 3DSs to the Internet, revealed Nintendo.

Worldwide connectivity has reached 72 percent worldwide. That's a 10 percent increase from last year.

Nintendo president Satoru Iwata reported that the Internet-connection ratio is particularly high in the U.S. and Japan, where it's rising beyond 80 percent. Rates are lower in Europe and Australia.

The Nintendo Direct videos are largely responsible for pulling users online in Japan, at least. Iwata said that connecting to the 3DS eShop is the most popular way for Japanese users to watch the content after it's aired, which came as a surprise to the company.

Users can also connect to the eShop to download games, which accounts for three to 10 percent of total sales worldwide.

Animal Crossing: New Leaf marks Nintendo's first game where it's actively promoting the downloadable version of the game. The company feels it's the type of game that players would want to have access to at all times. Also, by raising awareness of one download game, Nintendo can make people more aware of others in general.

Nintendo is also releasing a special Animal Crossing: New Leaf 3DS bundle in Japan this fall, which includes a download copy of the game loaded on to the SD card. The company is planning similar bundles for New Super Mario Bros. 2 and Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate.

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