3DO Ships Portal Runner

3DO Ships Portal Runner™

“Exceptional” Game Receives a
Gold Award from PSE2 Magazine

REDWOOD CITY, CA (September 11,
2001) – The 3DO Company (Nasdaq: THDO) today announced that the Portal Runner
game for PlayStation®2 computer entertainment system and for Game Boy® Color
handheld system shipped out to retailers today. 3DO’s most anticipated title for
this Fall featuring the courageous heroine Vikki has garnered much press,
including several covers of leading magazines.

The Portal Runner game will be
featured on the cover of the October issue of PSE2 magazine. The editors awarded
the game a 97 percent rating and a Gold Award, saying, “Portal Runner is an
exceptional Action/Platform game that offers a great mix of excellent graphics,
special effects and music. …[T]he overall package, right down to the very
entertaining CG cut scenes, screams quality. …[I]t offers entertainment that the
entire family can enjoy, but not at the expense of the more hard-core among us.
I know you have many choices to make this holiday season but, if you are an
Action/Platform fan like I am, you are not going to want to miss Portal Runner.”

The Portal Runner game has also been
featured on the covers of GamePro and Silicon Magazine. “Portal Runner blends
traditional game elements with colorful, high-end graphics to tell an intriguing
fairy tale that could indeed be a fun adventure for everyone,” says IGN. “3DO is
working hard to ensure that Portal Runner ends up a AAA product,” writes PSM.
“We have a feeling that it’s definitely headed in the right direction.” GamePen
says, “Portal Runner is easily my favorite of the [3DO] PlayStation 2 games…
Portal Runner is a sure-fire winner…”

In the Portal Runner game, players
are taken through an engaging story line that will keep them glued to their
seats. The story begins with Brigitte Bleu about to unleash her diabolical
scheme to trap Vikki and sink her claws into Sarge. This plot launches Vikki on
a fantastic journey through a variety of exciting new toy worlds. She will
eventually encounter a new friend and ally, Leo the Lion, who stays by her side
to fight off the evil forces of these new worlds. The cooperative relationship
that forms between the two characters will add a new level of excitement and
close combat gameplay. Players will enjoy the option of controlling Leo or
working with him as a team when playing Vikki. With advanced Artificial
Intelligence, Leo will also be able to protect Vikki in combat and challenge
gamers to restrain his savage instincts.

The Portal Runner game will feature
a surrealistic look with exotic visuals; gamers will be truly immersed in the
astonishing graphics. Giving great depth and variety to Portal Runner is the
addictive bow and arrow gameplay. The realistic and spectacular precision
technique of the bow and arrow will help Vikki vanquish foes and remove
obstacles in her travels. To add more excitement, Portal Runner offers a huge
variety of environments including Our World, Prehistoric World, Medieval World,
and Space World, all highly detailed and deeply interactive. Amid this blend of
classic shooting and platform action, players can experiment with different
gameplay approaches to keep things interesting.

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