3DO Ships Jumpgate

3DO Ships Jumpgate™

The exciting, unscripted, outer
space adventure where you are the story

REDWOOD CITY, CA (September 26,
2001) – The 3DO Company (Nasdaq: THDO) today announced shipment of the Jumpgate
game, a massively multiplayer online space simulation. The Jumpgate game is
available in a limited, numbered edition exclusively through six retailers:
Amazon.com, Best Buy, CompUSA, Electronics Boutique, Gamestop (formerly
Babbage’s), and 3DO.com.

3DO recently concluded a highly
successful free preview of the game during which thousands of new players earned
their stripes exploring the extensive Jumpgate universe, building alliances,
trading and battling their adversaries within the game. “The free preview really
put us to the test and the technology passed with flying colors,” says Jeff
Cretcher, vice president of Internet games for 3DO.

Developed by NetDevil of Louisville,
Colo., the Jumpgate game melds the excitement of a space flight simulation with
the depth of a persistent online universe. An on-going plot combines combat,
trade, mining, aliens, pirates, and more, all set in a constantly evolving 3D
universe. Many years ago, the peace and balance of the galaxy were disturbed by
a cataclysmic event. The communication between worlds was disrupted and
intergalactic travel ceased. The Reconstruction Initiative begins with the
discovery of archived technology and the creation of the first stable spatial
anomaly, know as a jumpgate. Now three rival factions coexist and brave pilots
from each group must navigate the galaxy through a network of jumpgates, trading
goods, completing missions and fighting off enemies as the galaxy struggles to
recover its glory. Players take up roles within the factions, and their
activities affect the course of the game. Visit the game’s website at
http://jumpgate.3do.com  for further

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