3DO Announces Launch of Jumpgate Free Preview

3DO Announces Launch of Jumpgate™
Free Preview

REDWOOD CITY, CA (September 5, 2001)
– The 3DO Company (Nasdaq: THDO) announces the launch of the free preview for
Jumpgate™, a massively multiplayer online space simulation with role-playing
elements. The preview may be downloaded from www.3do.com/jumpgate.

3DO has partnered with Gigex to
distribute the Jumpgate client software, and it premiered yesterday exclusively
on IGN.com. The Jumpgate game is expected to ship in late September, and will be
sold in a limited, numbered edition of only 30,000 units through six exclusive
retailers: Amazon.com, Best Buy, CompUSA, Electronics Boutique, Gamestop
(formerly Babbage’s), and 3DO.com.

About Jumpgate

Developed by NetDevil of Louisville,
Colo., Jumpgate melds the excitement of a space flight simulation with the depth
of a persistent online universe. Many years ago, the peace and balance of the
galaxy was disturbed by a cataclysmic event. The communication between worlds
was disrupted and intergalactic travel ceased. The Reconstruction Initiative
begins with the discovery of archived technology and the creation of the first
stable spatial anomaly, know as a jumpgate. Now three rival factions coexist and
brave pilots from each group must navigate the galaxy through a network of
jumpgates, trading goods, completing missions and fighting off enemies as the
galaxy struggles to recover its glory. Players take up roles within the
factions, and their activities affect the course of the game.

More information about The 3DO
Company and 3DO products can be found on the Internet at www.3do.com.

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