343 Industries shaping Halo’s future through WWII comparisons

Master Chief is back for another epic trilogy, but according to 343 Industries, his future and the entire Halo universe spans far beyond Halo 6. In a recent interview with GameInformer, 343's Frank O’Connor – franchise development director – stated that Halo's future is "mapped out fairly far, probably ten years, [but] they’re pretty vague." In addition, O' Connor revealed that their team is using WWII as a comparison for plot perspectives: 

“Think about it like World War II,” he stated. “It was a really big war, and it happened on a lot of different fronts, and a lot of different continents with a lot of different antagonists and protagonists. You can tell an infinite number of stories by plucking from the ingredients of World War II.” He elaborated his point, adding, “There are these events and characters happening elsewhere in the universe that are real enough that we can connect the mainline story of what we call ‘The Reclaimer Saga’ directly back to those things.”

The franchise director made it very clear, though, that 343's primary focus is Halo 4. He also urged fans not to worry about the future titles moving away from Halo's favorite Spartan. "As we build the saga, certainly 343’s main focus is the Master Chief’s arc," O'Connor ended with. 

So, Halo's future is mapped out from 2012 through 2022, and is being influenced by WWII and its wonderful characters? 343 is definitely taking Halo in an interesting route; it's nice to hear, though, that they're keeping Chief the center figure for the future and are looking to open up the significance of the "universe at war." What are your thoughts? Let us know by commenting below. 

Source: [GameInformer