343 Industries dev teases a “good week to be a Halo fan”

Something must be happening.

343 Industries has made it clear that we won't be seeing Halo 6 for "quite some time" and that they won't be taking down the fan-made Halo multiplayer game, but that doesn't mean they can't tease Halo-related stuff whenever they want. 

The Franchise Development Director for the Halo franchise at 343 Industries, Frank O'Connor, teased that it will be a "good week to be a Halo fan" in a tweet earlier today. O'Connor did not specify what will be happening in relation to the Halo franchise this week, but it's clear that something is happening.


While O'Connor hasn't detailed the tease yet, it's highly likely it's linked to the E3 announcement for the upcoming Halo Wars 2 expansion. With RTX Austin taking place this weekend and 343 Industries being one fo the partners, it almost seems too much of a coincidence. On top of that, O'Connor references BBQ – something that Texas is fairly known for.

RTX has been known for being one of the first places that allow consumers to play major releases, like Halo 4.

Of course, the tease has left fans asking for Halo 3 Anniversary Edition.