2K Sports Fuels Family Fun Night with Baseball Blast! Now Available Exclusively for Wii

September 28, 2009

2K Sports Fuels Family Fun Night
with Baseball Blast! Now Available Exclusively for Wii

Exciting baseball action takes
Big League swing at fun, new mini-game experience

2K Sports announced today that
Baseball Blast!, the only officially licensed Major League Baseball mini-game
experience, is now available exclusively for the Wii. Baseball Blast! puts an
exciting spin on big league baseball action by offering a series of fun
mini-games for up to four players of all ages, which are perfect for the whole
family. Fans will have the opportunity to test their abilities in a variety of
unique game modes, including skill challenges, puzzles, and trivia matches.
Featuring every MLB team and some of today’s top baseball stars, Baseball Blast!
also includes entertaining play-by-play commentary by popular baseball
personalities Rob Dibble and “Mr. Baseball” Bob Uecker.

“Baseball Blast! combines
over-the-top baseball mini-games with your favorite MLB players and teams to
create an entertaining Wii experience that everyone can enjoy," said Greg
Thomas, senior vice president of sports development for 2K. “This casual take on
America’s favorite pastime gives the entire family a sports game that they can
easily master and play together this holiday season.”

Baseball Blast! features more than
20 different baseball-themed mini-games, including Fly Ball Fury, Dodge Ball,
Power Pitcher, Bumper Base, Pennant Race and Galaxy Ball. Fans will be able to
fulfill their virtual diamond fantasies by smashing home runs that soar past
planets, hitting cannonballs back at pirate ships, and trying to stay on base
while bumping and jumping bumper cars to victory. Players can also rack up
points to unlock trophies and new puzzles, and earn strategy cards to compete
against their friends in a fun bonus game. A challenging trivia mode will allow
fans to test their baseball knowledge, including more than 100 questions that
range from common baseball subjects to stumping even hardcore baseball fanatics.

Baseball Blast!, now available for
Wii, is rated E by the ESRB and offers hours of fun for the value price of only
$19.99. For more information about Baseball Blast! please visit