2K Sports Brings Out the Kid in Us with MLB Superstars

August 26, 2008

2K Sports Brings Out the Kid in
Us with MLB Superstars

Family-friendly mini games
provide a unique MLB experience

2K Sports today announced that MLB
Superstars, a baseball game that fans of all ages can enjoy, is scheduled to be
available for the Wii this fall. MLB Superstars takes America’s favorite pastime
into a totally new realm by bringing fans’ favorite players and teams out of
their natural environments and showcasing them in over half a dozen different
mini games that speak to the kid in all of us.

Fully utilizing the Wii’s motion
sensing capabilities and easy pick-up-and-play functionality, MLB Superstars
puts a brand new spin on classic games with Baseball Pachinko, Baseball Bocci,
and Baseball Golf.

On their own or with friends, MLB
Superstars offers gamers a unique baseball experience with a wide variety of
activities. Fans can play Mascot Dance and have their favorite mascot boogie to
the rhythm of that funky beat, or have a smashing good time with the Green
Monster game by becoming the first to smash down their wall with a baseball bat,
swinging frantically to stop the Green Monster from crashing through! Gamers aim
for the high score and win numerous trophies to outfit their player in a
multitude of ways!

MLB Superstars, developed by Deep
Fried Entertainment and published by 2K Sports, is not yet rated by the ESRB and
will be available for Wii this fall. For more information, please visit