2K Sports Announces MLB Power Pros Now Available

October 8, 2007

2K Sports Announces MLB Power Pros Now

2K Sports proudly announced today that MLB Power
Pros is now available in stores for Nintendo’s Wii and PlayStation. The launch
of MLB Power Pros marks the first time this celebrated franchise has become
available to baseball fans in North America. Every MLB player and ballpark is
represented in the game, bringing an original visual style to America’s favorite
pastime. MLB players are portrayed in a distinct visual style that uses
mini-models of pro players with charming facial expressions and hairstyles to
bring the characters to life. With easy to pick-up-and-play pitching and hitting
controls, MLB Power Pros is baseball fun for the whole family.

MLB Power Pros offers unique gameplay modes that
allow players to be a part of the action as the general manager or as an
up-and-coming baseball recruit. Through trades, extra practices, and buying new
equipment, players in the Season Mode manage every aspect of their team to bring
in money, win playoff games and eventually, earn the title of World Series
champion. In Success Mode, gamers become college players, hoping to get
recruited to the Big Leagues. Players train to build their skill sets while also
balancing their academic and personal lives.

MLB Power Pros also includes modes specifically
made for the Wii. Players can hit and pitch using the motions of the Wii Remote
in Home Run Challenge and Match-up Mode. MLB Power Pros even allows gamers to
import Wii-based character avatars called Miis from their Wii or Wii Remote to
become part of the action!

MLB Power Pros is available in stores now for
Nintendo’s Wii for $39.99 and for the PlayStation 2 system for $29.99, and is
rated “E” for Everyone.