25 To Life – Official Website Launched / New Screens & Art

25 To Life – Official Website Launched /
New Screens & Art

Do you hear the barrage? The streets are
alive….with the sound of gunfire. From the streets to the suites, 25 To Life is
the game that will bring street life live and direct into living rooms across
the globe. Today we offer the public the most comprehensive look at 25 To Life
so far, with the launch of the official game site! Information, details and
visuals can now be enjoyed by the world at large. Just take a look below at the
new offerings to be found. Be the law, or break the law…the power will be at
your finger tips. Represent your hood, throw up your set and take it to the
streets online with 25 to Life officially slated to ship to retail Spring of
2005 across North America for PS2 & Xbox. Until then, break yo self….

• 25 To Life Radio – “The Sound of the
Streets”. In true Eidos fashion we like to come representing the whole package.
It’s not JUST about polygons and multi-pass texturing. It’s about the community,
hip hop, and the lifestyle. What defines all of those better than MUSIC. In this
first round we offer up 2 tracks from the official soundtrack for your listening
pleasure. Check the list below to see who’s playing right now. The sound of the
streets is alive and well, and a mere click away.

• “Where the hood at” by DMX

• “Dark corner” by J-Live

• Game Info – Get the scoop here on
everything 25 To Life…from game features, first details on the storyline, up
close looks at the both sides of the law…Gangsters or Cops, locations, you name
it and it’s here. Round 1 introduces us to some of the key locations and

• Characters: Gangsters: Freeze, Shaun
Calderon & J-dub, Cops: Detective Lester Williams

• Locations: Warehouse & Apartments

• Gallery – Take a look at 8 brand new
in-game screenshots and official artwork.

• Community – 25 To Life is all about the
lifestyle. Want a taste of that lifestyle? You can get it here. Get links to
artists featured on the 25 To Life radio, fan sites, and the forums where you
can speak your piece.

• Press – See what the professionals are
saying about 25 To Life right here.

Don’t forget to register at the game site for
more exclusive info and overall 25 To Life love.


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