25 To Life – First Official Trailer Revealed

25 To Life – First Official Trailer

Count your ching, and shine your bling, it’s
time to get with some holiday cheer…25 To Life style. What says yuletide joy
more than peelin’ your friends wig back with dual 44’s, or tazing a foe into
utter submission for the ultimate humiliation of the handcuff takedown? Today
brings you 25 To Life in full motion and mayhem with the release of the first
official trailer! Be the law, or break the law, you get the best of both sides
in 25 To Life. This is one stop shopping to get your first visual taste of this
gritty online action shooter.

Your knowledge of the streets will be put to
the test with 25 to Life officially slated to ship to retail Spring of 2005
across North America for PS2 & Xbox.

Check out the new Trailer here: