(#23) Ruthenium Ring [Pacify the mercenary] | FFXIII-2 Fragment Guide (Bresha Ruins 100AF)

FFXIII-2 Fragment Guide (Bresha Ruins 100AF)

[#23] Ruthenium Ring – Pacify the mercenary
In the Bresha Ruins 100AF, go the area in the mideast of the map, where in other areas you'll find a staircase descending into a different part of the ruins. Here you'll find Walter, who is studying the sociobiology of monsters. He's wondering if a kinder approach would help, and wants you to try and calm down the mercenary Raymond, who is being a jerk to all the animals he meets. In the same area you'll find Raymond, who keeps trying to provoke you. Just react calmly to his three prompts!
Prompt 1 Answer: "Are you the famous Raymond?" 
Prompt 2 Answer: "That's an extraordinary weapon!"
Prompt 3 Answer: "I'd love for you to teach me how to fight!"
After answering all three prompts correctly, you'll get Fragment of Time #23 – the Ruthenium Ring. Then, check behind Raymond to get the Chrysalis Arc weapon for Serah! If you've already gotten the Palladium Ring, Osmium Ring and Ruthenium ring, Noel will afterwards wonders if this is the best way to figure out the paradox, though Mog assures him that it's best to explore all angles of a situation. This opens up the Rhodium Ring sidequest. Go talk to Ronan by the gravestone to trigger it!
Topics Covered
-Where to find Walter
-Where to find the mercenary Reymond
-How to pacify the mercenary
-How to get the Ruthenium Ring Fragment
-How to unlock the Rhodium Ring sidequest (Retrieve the device)
-Finding all missions in the Bresha Ruins 100AF area
Items Found
-Ruthenium Ring Fragment
-Chrysalis Arc weapon
-1000 CP (Crystarium Points)

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