1TB PlayStation 4 set for release on July 15th

Sony announces console's UK arrival

Sony has announced that their very own Ultimate Edition Playstation 4 console will be released on July 15th, featuring a huge 1TB hard-drive. 

The new console carries a recommended retail price of £349.99 and Sony has announced that – in a limited time offer – the 1TB PS4 will be bundled with a micro-console and Playstation TV. The micro-console will allow gamers second screen viewing, streaming content from their PS4 to this more portable device. 

1TB PlayStation 4 set for release on July 15th

The larger hard-drive will be especially useful for people that purchase their games online, allowing plenty of space to do so, rather than hooking up a portable hard-drive. 

Sony has also announced this week that the company are exploring different solutions for irritating fan noises and efficiency issues. The new CUH-1200 revision of Sony hardware is well underway, including a smaller motherboard and cutting memory modules by half, which is pretty impressive. However, it must be stressed that no changes in performance will be included in this 1TB model.