1920’s brawler, Speakeasy, coming to PS4

Welcome to Roarin' America!

Gun Media and SuperSoul are taking two of my favorite things —  the 1920's and the PS4 — and are bringing them together in a new "engaging, local-multiplayer party game that blends rock-paper-scissors with the styles and sounds of 1920's Roarin' America."

It's called Speakeasy, and it's an "incredibly simple to learn, but difficult to master" fighting game of sorts. Each player takes on the role of a fighter — each inspired by famous celebrities and personalities of the 1920s — vying for the Fisticuffs League Champion crown. Gameplay is as simple, or complex, as you make it: all you need to do is land one punch to win, but you only get one punch, one block, and one fake each round, which lasts just 10 seconds.

Speakeasy will have 2's and 3's, which allows each player to use each move two or three times each match; but, it will still only take one successful punch to win. There's also a Tag Team mode that pits teams of fighters against one another with a variety of settings that "will keep things lively." There's also a King of the Hill mode that will allow up to four players to fight at once.

In addition to these alternate modes, Speakeasy will feature tournament support, customizable fighters with a slew of costumes, props and gizmos, and tons of unlockables ranging from droppable items to gameplay altering effects.

Speakeasy doesn't yet have a release date, but I'm excited.