16 year old arrested for allegedly threatening to blow up Konami

Video game developers face no shortage of harassment and threats online. Some are pretty tame, some are more extreme and far more personal than others. A 16 year old in Tokyo was able to find that difference pretty easily after allegedly threatening terrorist actions against Konami.

The developer of acclaimed franchises like Metal Gear Solid, Castlevania, and Silent Hill found themselves in the crosshairs of a teenager in mid-June. According to Yomiuri (via Kotaku), the teenager became irritated after experiencing a bug in one of Konami’s mobile titles. Instead of just leaving a simple negative review, the unnamed teen decided to threaten to blow up and kill Konami employees via the app store.

The teen allegedly stated “I’m going to blow up Konami’s headquarters” and “I’m going to kill the people who work at Konami.” The teen also allegedly claimed a bomb had already been placed and terrorism was possible in Japan.

Konami has since strengthened security at their headquarters. The teen has been arrested and allegedly admitted to making these threats, claiming he was expressing his anger to the Japanese developer. There’s currently no word on what punishment the teen will face.

This is definitely taking the “Fuck Konami” campaign to a whole new level.