14 years later, Doom’s co-creator is making another shooter

Doom co-creator John Romero recently (and presumably accidentally) revealed that he’s returning to the shooter genre after the 2000 flop of Daikatana.

“I haven’t made a shooter since 2000,” Romero said in the Joystiq podcast. “So I’m basically starting to work on another one.” The news itself is worth raising an eyebrow over, but no further details were given, suggesting the project is still a ways away from any sort of formal announcement.

“I’m working with a concept artist, and so I’ve got some cool imagery for the main character,” Romero added, also noting that he is currently working on several projects.

The original Doom released in 1993, but the name cropped up quite recently with the reveal of Doom (4).

[Joystiq via Eurogamer]