10tons announces Time Recoil, top down shooter with unique time slowing mechanic

Pretty cool new feature

10tons Ltd makes some pretty interesting games. Crimsonland, Neon Chrome, Sparkle Unleashed all had unique gameplay properties to them. Their newest game, announced today, keeps up the pace with a new time-altering mechanic. The top-down shooter is called Time Recoil and allows you to slow time with every kill.

In Time Recoil the player is given a super power: Kill to slow time. Killing will trigger a slow-motion effect, and killing additional enemies while in slow motion charges a special move. The more the player kills, the more powerful the special move becomes, starting from a simple dash and ending with a mind blowing psy-weapon.


Time Recoil presents a story of rebellion and revenge. The player is the last hope of a rebel organization fighting to free the world from the grip of an “evil mad scientist dictator”, Mr. Time. The rebel organization has access to a time machine. The plan is to first locate Mr. Time and then travel through time to kill him – before he finds and destroys the rebels.

Sampo Tossy, the game's Lead Designer, spoke about the new mechanic and how it was implemented

“Time Recoil has a laser sharp focus on great slow motion shooter gameplay. Kill to slow time and keep killing to charge the increasingly spectacular special move. As you can see in the videos, you’ll be in the ground zero for some invigorating explosive slow motion action.” 

No release date info is available yet, but the game is on schedule to launch in Q2 of this year on Xbox One, PS4, and PC. You can also sign up for the alpha test here