10 years later and StarCraft: Ghost still isn’t canceled

What if I told you there was a still a chance we could see the release of StarCraft: Ghost the highly-anticipated, but ill-fated stealth-action, third-person shooter spin-off for consoles. We all remember the day when Blizzard announced the game had been put on "indefinite hold."

Nearly seven years after Blizzard had announced it was put on hold, fans are still hoping for StarCraft: Ghost. And Diablo 3 senior designer Matthew Burger is dangling the bait. Speaking to OPM, Burger reminded fans that StarCraft: Ghost had "never been canceled," adding: "It's on hold." 

When asked directly if the game still might get a release, Burger responded, "Maybe."

The topic of StarCraft: Ghost arose last summer as well, with StarCraft 2 lead Dustin Browder confirming "there are no plans" for the game. "There are no meetings going on. There is no team. No one talks about doing it," he said at the time; however, he did suggest that StarCraft: Ghost could see a release in the future.

"It doesn't mean that in two years from now, we won't have those meetings, the team won't be formed, but there is literally nothing happening around that game right now that would indicate that there's any likelihood that it will happen."