0.1% of MW3 players used prestige token glitch

I guess there are good people out there after all.  Given the attention the prestige token glitch in Modern Warfare 3 received, youd' think a large amount of players exploited the game.  But maybe Bowling ban threats and talk of a giant ban-hammer were all smoke and mirrors to discourage more players from taking advantage.

According to Bowling, only about 0.1% of the players in MW3 took advantage of the prestige token glitch.

"1/3 of the 30 million people playing Call of Duty online didn't glitch.  Only a very small % did.  Glitchers have no place online," Bowling announced on Twitter.  Of course, if you are reading this alone you'd think that meant that 2/3 of the players did use the glitch, which would make no sense at all.

As it turns out, Bowling was responding to a fan who believed 1/3 of hte people would stop plyaing MW3 if the developers de-ranked those that did use the prestige token glitch.

Bowling clarified: "Of course not.  More like 0.1%.  That means 99.9% play fairly."

Who would've thought there were that many honest people in the world.