The WORD SPIN App includes three different games: Solitaire, Challenge and
Practice. Solitaire will allow players to spell up to eight-letter words and set
personal high scores that can be recorded on both local and global leaderboards.
Challenge will allow players to send challenges to other players and Practice is
perfect for players who wish to enhance their vocabulary and experiment with
building the tougher seven and eight letter words or finding all the easy to
overlook short words on every line.

Controlling the WORD SPIN game is easy with the innovative Multi Touch user
interface of iPhone and iPod touch. While in the SPIN phase, flick any wheel up
or down with one finger to spin it to the desired letter. To move a wheel,
simply tap and hold a wheel with one finger and drag it left or right to the
desired position. All wheels can be rotated up or down simultaneously by
flicking with two fingers. After the player has lined up their desired
word/words, they can begin the SCORE phase. To tally a word, the player must tap
letters from left to right to select a word and then tap the last letter again
to instantly transfer words to the score sheet. Misspelled words result in a
deduction from the score sheet.

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