Wheel of Fortune comes loaded with 3,879 puzzles, so it could be well into the next millennium before you encounter a familiar phrase. The 30 categories include Place, Thing and Person. You can choose three-, four- or five-round matches or opt for a full match, which is a timed challenge. The big cash winner at match’s end enters a $25,000 bonus round, in which the letters R, S, T, L, N and E are provided if they occur in the answer. The winner gets to pick three more consonants and one vowel, then has 20 seconds to solve the puzzle and become a really big wheel.

Play Control is as simple as it gets. You tug and release the Control Stick to spin, then pick your letter with the A Button. Rumble Pak support gives you the feel of the wheel grinding to a halt. Even non-players will quickly get into the swing of things, which makes Wheel of Fortune one of the best family paks available!