The year is 2029 and the Global Corporate Wars have begun! "Warmonger" is set
against an apocalyptic setting, when two of the largest military spenders,
PolyChem Oil and General Energy, clashed in a dispute over a large cache of
Iranian oil fields. When the conflict escalated, an all-out war took shape on US
soil. The game is staged for players to take down an entire city; one block at a
time. As maps are won, a larger tactical influence is then triggered in the
next, or surrounding, map(s). Each map instance will play differently as the
sheer destruction of map elements forces players to adapt and find new ways to
win or defend their objectives. Every round leads you closer to dominating the
web of maps that make up the entire city and players have the ability to raise
their ranking in a class, gaining extra abilities for high performance.
"Operation: Downtown Destruction" is part of a longer series involving distinct
periods from the episodic "Warmonger" story.

Unique to "Warmonger" is a destruction system that allows dynamic gameplay to
emerge from the results of combat, where every aspect of the environment can be
completely leveled. Destruction is done procedurally, rather than pre-canned
animations that are found in most games today. As a result, explosives, rockets,
indirect fire, and vehicle combat can literally blow away walls, drop ceilings
and open up new pathways for enhanced gameflow. Collision detection has also
been carefully considered during development, and the effect of destruction
within the environment can be used as a weapon. A sniper can blow the stairs
behind him to block access, but a rocket to the floor beneath him will drop him
down, causing possible death.

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