In Vega, the player starts with a based station that needs resources badly.
As these needed resources fall from above, the player must use a small rescue
ship to control the direction of these resources and direct them onto a landing
pad where they will be collected and used by the station to power its shield and
feed its people.

In the meantime, the player must keep a watchful eye on the fuel and air
levels inside the rescue ship, landing it safely onto the same landing pad
before either run out. The player can choose to control up to 4 rescue ships
depending on his or her skill level. The more ships a player has, the easier it
might be to get to the falling resources before they hit the ground and explode.

There are a total of 10 levels in Vega. The game becomes progressively harder
with each level challenging the player to be aware of his or her surroundings.
The environment itself becomes active in later levels. In one level there’s a
massive dust storm brewing on the ground which completely covers the landing pad
reducing visibility to 5%. In another level a fierce meteor shower is raging
while fire rains down from the sky.

A dynamic backdrop in Vega complements the environment and foreground
elements in the game, ensuring that every level looks and feels different.