The Sims expansion pack gives you even more power to create and control the lives of your Sims. You have new career options and entirely fresh gameplay elements, from roach infestations to alien abductions. It’s up to you to decide whether your home is a gloomy castle or a love shack, if the breadwinner is a hacker or a slacker. Put your Sims into all-new wacky and wicked settings and see what happens.

* Dozens of New Situations and Objects: Alien abductions, roach infestations, love potions, the grim reaper, a wish-granting genie, exploding garden gnomes, and much more.

* Five New Career Tracks – 50 new jobs: Scores of additional career options – jazz it up as a musician; take it easy as a slacker; get in tune with your inner-self as a paranormal; be nosey and get paid for it as a journalist, or go high-tech as a hacker.

* New Architectural and Decor Styles: Dozens of new building elements let you construct everything from a creepy castle, to a tacky Las Vegas motel, to a “retro” pad for the modern Sim.

* More Neighborhoods: The addition of 4 new neighborhoods gives you the power to create and control up to 50 families, 40 more than the original game.

* New Clothing and Faces: Personalize the appearance of your Sims even more with the addition of new clothing and face options.

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