The Forest of Mist… Wrapped in a perpetual, impenetrable fog… No one
knows what lies within… Just beyond the edge of the woods lies an old castle.
Numerous battle flags fly proudly above its gate as symbols of its Lord’s power.
It is here that King Kronus resides and rules his vast domain. During a
celebration of the kingdom’s most recent conquest, Archmage Tyrhung, a powerful
magician and key to the kingdom’s recent military success, stole a necklace of
immeasurable value from round the Queen’s neck and disappeared into the night.
Guards rushed after him, only to see him transform into a ferocious creature: a
dragon. Tyrhung flew off toward the Forest of Mist, scattering the fog with his
powerful wings. And when the beacon atop the Dark Spire lit up, it was clear to
all: the beast had chosen his new lair… The Dark Spire, once the domain of an
ancient goblin civilization, had found a new master. This is where your story

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