Massive PvP and PvE Systems:

Baron Mode
The game has two types of game servers – a normal PvE server and a Baron PvP server. While PvP happens on all servers with Sword 2’s Political PvP System, the Baron PvP servers is where most hardcore PvP’ers find themselves. The Baron PvP server allows players to kill any player in-game over level 51. There’s a catch though, doing so will raise your Baron level which can quickly become a problem. First, you will be relegated to an exile camp called Los Toldos and can no longer interact with NPCs in the major cities. Also when you are killed by another player you could drop your items. At moderate Baron levels, the items you could drop are restricted to unequipped gear. However, at high Baron levels even your equipped gear can drop. While that may be a steep penalty, there is a benefit to being a Baron. You gain a large bonus to your attack and damage, making it easier to defend yourself against potential threats from other players and monsters.

Political PvP
The game features a Political PvP System where players can run for office and lead one of two Factions – the Republicans or the Royalists. While all players can vote for elected Faction Leaders, only Clans (a group of Families) can ally themselves to a Faction and only Clan leaders can run for office. When a Clan leader joins a Faction, all players in that Clan are immediately apart of the selected Faction. The elected leader of the Royalist Faction is called the Duke and the elected leader of the Republican Faction is called the President.

Faction Wars
In Faction Wars, individual clans fight to obtain and retain Colonies located all around the New World. At the end of Faction Wars, the Faction with the most Colonies is named the Dominate Faction. The “Dominate Faction” gets a large payment of in-game currency at the end of every month paid directly to the Faction’s elected Leader. That Faction leader of the Dominate Faction, (be it the Duke or the President), will become the Premier. It is expected for the Premiere to divide the winnings out to all players in the Faction. However, there is nothing stopping them from keeping them, so it’s extremely important to pick a leader you trust!

High Quality Graphics
Visually captivating graphics show off fine details of this historical and fantasy world inspired by the Age of Exploration. The game has surprisingly low system requirements:

Multi-Character Control
With Multi-Character Control (MCC), players are able to command up to three characters simultaneously. This adds a whole new layer to your standard MMO giving players a Real-Time Strategy feeling in an MMORPG environment. With the ability to bring three distinct characters to the playing field, there is never a need to wait to find a tank or a healer to go slaughter enemies. You can experience the different abilities of multiple character classes and no longer have to grind one character at a time.
At the start of the game, players can create characters from 5 different Classes: Musketeer (ranged dps), Elementalist (caster dps), Fighter (melee dps/tank), Wizard (caster dps/debuffer) and Scout (melee dps/healer). Each class has a variable number of stances – which are a collection of skills – that can be leveled up much like the character levels up. Depending on the character’s stat point allocation, each class can perform several different functions. As players advance, the storyline of the game unfolds and introduces new characters on your journey. Some of these new characters require your help and eventually you may be able to recruit them into your family. These Unique Playing Characters (UPCs) often have their own special stances and abilities for you to develop. Currently, there are over 45 UPCs available and you can have up to 54 playing characters in your Family. Thus the combinations of characters you can deploy as a team in-game are endless.

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