p>Primeval spirits, mythical beings and dinosaurs once roamed the lovingly
animated world of StoneAge 2. But since the mysterious disappearance of the
mighty dinosaurs, aggressive and evil creatures have taken over the world.
Hunting, gathering and defending their soil now dominate the everyday life of
the Manga characters. Players fan out from their individual housing to look for
food and resources. Fortunately for them, the pets stand by their sides with
their unique fighting and healing talents. Players will attentively take care of
their virtual companions. With good upbringing and training some might even be
used as mounts. Hobby Neanderthals can choose from almost 200 pets and even
create their own unique creature as a loyal escort. Before StoneAge 2, the
Japanese developing studio DigiPark had already successfully operated its
predecessor in China, Korea and Japan with almost 10 millions of players.