Sports Island DS uses a combination of the touch screen capabilities of the
hardware and button use to give the player total control within its 10 events.
Players can try their hand at Rugby, Table Tennis, Sepak Takraw (a version of
Volleyball wherein players kick the ball as opposed to punching it), Arm
Wrestling, Bobsled, Climbing, Sky-Diving, Clay Pigeon Shooting, Golf, and

Hudson Soft has worked tirelessly to ensure each sport boasts a unique
control system, with players steering their on-screen Sky-Diver into position,
for instance, or chasing and flicking towards the target on the screen to shoot
Clay Pigeons. This adds an incredible amount of variety to the game, with Rugby
fans given control over every pass, try and run, while timing and precision play
a greater part in the likes of Bobsled, Table Tennis or Arm Wrestling.

Sports Island DS can be played alone or with six players working together �
Climbing as a team, for instance – or against each other using just one copy of
the game. Players can also set up leagues to keep track of the best performers
in each event, while bespoke teams can be created and giving individual names to
personalize them. Likewise, the avatars used in-game can also be edited,
allowing players to actually put themselves and their friends in the game.

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