The Man Behind The Splosion

Like a bad Icarus metaphor, scientists create Splosion Man too close to the Sun. Born of plasma and flame in an underground military lab, Splosion Man can splode at will, propelling himself around a side-scrolling world and destroying everything in his way. Scientists unleash all of their technology in an attempt to stop him, but his path is relentless. Any scientist he catches is sploded into chunks of ham and ribeyes, the smell of their destruction terrifying, but also a little succulent.

The Four Splosions of the Apocalypse

Scattered video feeds point to a chilling prospect: Splosion Man may not be alone. Up to four Splosion Men have been seen traveling in concert, sploding off of each other and working cooperatively towards total mayhem. Further reports indicate the controllers of these Splosion Men may be huddled together on couches, some may be connected via the interwebs, or perhaps even on couches and interwebs at the same time.

A Sick Populace Responds

Rather than phoning Mom or their local Congressman, some have seen fit to embrace this scientific monstrosity, going so far as to score his destruction and his fastest times and posting them to leaderboards. Others have championed the largest creations of the scientists, dubbing them bosses and marveling at their strength and power. Still others have acknowledged the upcoming destruction of our world and sat back to enjoy some last barbequed ribs; this is the only response we can truly condone.