Discover the adventures of Sherlock Holmes in a game with a gripping
atmosphere, for the first time ever delivered in a full 3D world of thoroughly
intensive and wholly immersive real-time sleuthing.

Cities and places exude authenticity, creating environments you would expect
to find at the end of the 19th Century. And yet, amidst the daily grind and
bustling lives of society, there also exists terrifying places, and it is in
these confines where you will have to control your fears, retain your focus, and
ascertain the truth.

This new adventure of Sherlock Holmes rises to the challenge of being
entirely in 3D, while the creators have retained the traditional adventure game
‘point & click’ mechanic, in which the game is played solely with the mouse. The
use of full 3D allows for an immersive experience, with changing game rhythm and
additional enigmas and puzzles using physics and lighting.

Sherlock Holmes – The Awakened offers rewarding gameplay, a true symbiosis of
two technologies specific to adventure games: WARP (used in the first Myst and
Amerzone) which allows first-person movement in pre-calculated decors; and 3D
surroundings, which allows the character to be controlled in a truly immersive
manner, as well as being able to appreciate the splendor of the surroundings,
thus offering a large freedom of movement. The advantage of mixing these two
game modes provides a greater diversity of scenario, interaction with more
people and a high factor of realism. You will also be challenged by puzzles in
3D, linked to physics for example, in which the weight of objects can be used to
trigger mechanisms, and others using dynamic lighting, where a torch might be
used to illuminate, in real time, certain places in order to reveal clues or
other secrets and passageways.