SEGA Sports NHL 2K3″ uses an advanced physics-based gameplay system and unprecedented Artificial Intelligence (AI) to more accurately simulate the NHL. Unlike other hockey games that are based on percentages, the goalies, players and the puck in “SEGA Sports NHL 2K3” are all governed by the game’s sophisticated physics engine, allowing for more realistic shooting, checking, skating and goaltending. Melding flawlessly with the game’s physics is an adaptive AI system that allows each player to react to hundreds of unique on-ice situations. When setting up for a save, goalies will dynamically react to the puck and positioning of the opposing forwards, while AI teams will execute realistic power-plays, forechecks, perform odd-man breaks and line changes.

While other hockey games feature goalies without specific player attributes, who attempt saves with limited movements, “SEGA Sports NHL 2K3” shows goalies playing the position as it is meant to be played. In “NHL 2K3,” the new Reactive Goalie Positioning lets goalies move side-to-side, and from dive to save, without ever having to return to a center or idle position, allowing them to make save upon save with the most realistic maneuvers of any hockey video game.

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