The brutal new chapter in the world-renowned, multi-million selling franchise, Operation Flashpoint Red River takes the tactical military shooter to new levels of intense authenticity. On a deadly new battlefield where one bullet can kill, Operation Flashpoint Red River brings gamers closer to the experience of the US Marine Corps on campaign than ever before. Operation Flashpoint Red River delivers a very personal experience of infantry Marines on mission in a hostile country thousands of miles from home. Dispensing with corny heroics, corridor gun-play and unrealistic set pieces, players deploy real life tactics in a range of new scenarios and against new enemies. The tension, brutality and carnage of modern warfare is intense as players feel the rush of adrenaline that comes when it’s time for Marines to ‘get some’! Players embark on a full expeditionary campaign set in the remote yet beautiful country of Tajikistan. A fictional conflict with contemporary geopolitical themes unfold over three distinct acts, presenting unique challenges which can be experienced in both single player and co-operatively by up to four players online. Empowered with the real life freedom of fireteams to take on objectives on their own initiative, players must think on their feet and act decisively as they take on determined, adaptive and reactive enemies. From the unpredictable chaos of close-quarters insurgency warfare to holding defensive positions against the full might of the Chinese PLA, players tackle the wide-ranging threats Marines face, with the assets of one of the world’s leading super powers at their disposal. It’s as close to war as players will ever want to get.