Numen [nyoo-min] – divine power or spirit; a deity, esp. one presiding
locally or believed to inhabit a particular object.

As an awkward youth you always felt that there was something greater meant
for you. Meant only for you. In your village they never understood, but you
always felt the divine hands of the gods resting upon your shoulders, guiding
you onwards. Now, finally the time has come to understand what it is that they
truly want from you. All the time they watch us mortals, playing games with our
fate, yet now it is their fate which rests in the hands of but a few mortal

The gods resting high upon Mount Olympus are beset on all sides by the
jealousy of their contemporaries. The conflict has raged for eternity, the egos
of each immortal grating against the others, until now there has to be
resolution. The gods have each taken it upon themselves to shelter a mortal
under their protective wing and guide them to glory. With the strongest of these
heroes will come the strongest immortal who will then be crowned the most
powerful above all.