New Star Soccer 3 brings the challenges of life management to a whole new level. There are 8 relationships for you to balance including your manager, teammates, media, girlfriend, and sponsors! Some of them can be swayed by purchasing gifts or spending time with them. Others will be more affected by your on field playing ability and the decisions you make throughout your career. There will be difficult situations to deal with and every decision made will affect the game and the relationships within it. Whether you prioritize extra training over visiting friends and family it will ultimately determine the success of the player.

On the field it is a different ball game. Take control of the player in an arcade style game of soccer. Whether it is a quick 1-2 pass down the field or a sharp corner kick headed into the goal, New Star Soccer 3 is non-stop action and has all the thrills of a real match. You will need to monitor your energy level and perform well enough to ensure that the coach is pleased with your performance and doesn