In NBA STREET, working the special moves and tricks are the key to holding court. City Circuit is where you are lucky enough to hit the road with Michael Jordan to take on the NBA street teams. Your baller will go from inner-city blacktop showdowns to sun-soaked b-ball brawls by the beach, these are the toughest and hippest courts in the country. Hold the Court is where you pick a court and hold it against mixed squads of NBA players. Your goal: Set the court record for consecutive wins while sending all comers home.

Street Legends will bring this game to life by giving each user an experience one can only get from being therel. Personality, culture and lifestyle are the heart and soul of the game. You will take on the greatest ballers never to have played in the NBA. From East to West Coast, these are the streetcourt legends you have to beat to get to the top. You think you got game…you better have mad handles or the Legends will send you home with your tail between your legs.